Established 2014

Kevin and Michael Christensen dreaming up their next brew.

Kevin and Michael Christensen, the dynamic father-and-son duo, are the driving force behind the highly regarded Final Gravity Brewing Company, which opened in July 2014. Situated in the charming village of Decatur, Michigan, their hometown, the original establishment has garnered a loyal following since its inception. 

Kevin’s passion for homebrewing dates back over 20 years, during which he honed his craft and viewed it as a fulfilling hobby. As Michael matured, he, too, developed an interest in the art. The owner of Patchwork Brewing Company approached the two to collaborate on beer production, ultimately leading to their entry into the industry. After the previous owner decided to step down, Kevin and Michael purchased the business, revamped the facilities, and rebranded it as Final Gravity Brewing Company. They also introduced new culinary options and diversified their beer selection, earning them a reputation for producing classic and innovative brews.

After starting on a 15-gallon Sabco Brew Magic system while brewing at Patchwork Brewing, Final Gravity Brewing Company quickly outgrew the equipment. The team upgraded to a 3 BBL brew system and fermenting vessels to accommodate the growing demand for their products. However, their ambition didn’t stop there. In 2018, they purchased a production building directly across the street from their original taproom and upgraded their equipment to a steam-powered 15 BBL brew system and fermenting vessels. This impressive expansion speaks to Final Gravity Brewing Company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers and its drive to innovate and improve its craft continually.

It is worth noting that Michael Christensen, one-half of the father-and-son team behind Final Gravity Brewing Company, recently achieved an Associate of Applied Science degree from KVCC’s Sustainable Brewing program. This accomplishment highlights Michael’s commitment to pursuing educational opportunities that can further hone his skills and knowledge in brewing. With this additional training, Michael is determined to make even more extraordinary contributions to the business’s success.

Their unwavering dedication to the art of brewing and their business acumen and vision has propelled Final Gravity Brewing Company to the forefront of the industry.